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Hosted by America's top guides, hunters and outfitters, Across America's tv show, THE OUTFITTER, brings you up close to the ultimate hunting action!THE OUTFITTER

Travel the globe in search of the world’s most elusive game animals. Whether it’s elk, sheep or bear… they’re all here on “THE OUTFITTER”.

Each week, Across America Productions and the crew from “THE OUTFITTER” travel to the corners of the globe in search of the ultimate challenge. Whether it’s digging through a snow covered pass in search of migrating elk or calling on that inner strength needed to make the last 100 yards on a sheep hunt, “THE OUTFITTER” takes you there.

Hosted by some of America’s top guides, hunters and outfitters, Across America’s “THE OUTFITTER” will put you so close to the action, you can smell the gunpowder! If in-your-face action, just like it happens, is what your looking for… pull off the knobs and throw away the remote, you’ve found a home right here on “THE OUTFITTER”.

Across America’s The Outfitter tv show airs weekly on The Men’s Channel. Tune in to non-stop hunting action on exciting hunts from across the globe!

THE OUTFITTER is proudly brought to you by Across America Productions.
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