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Hunting Across America is proud to have MOJO Outdoors as our title sponsor.MOJO's Hunting Across America

Let MOJO Outoors take you “HUNTING ACROSS AMERICA” on The Outdoor Channel. HUNTING ACROSS AMERICA is a broad-based variety type hunting show designed specifically to bring exciting hunting experiences to millions of everyday hunters across America.

These are not just dream hunts for the few, but hunts you can enjoy and relate to. You'll probably even want to go on most of them, and we can help.

Along the way, we'll show you everything we've learned about useful new equipment, hunting tips and great hunts you can also enjoy.

HUNTING ACROSS AMERICA is filmed entirely in the wild, under fair chase conditions. Unlike many shows, we do not script any portion of our show. Hunts are unpredictable, animals are unpredictable, the weather is unpredictable. Our goal is to bring the hunt to you as it happened and allow you to experience it as we did; sometimes good, sometimes not so good.

Please join us weekly on The Outdoor Channel as we literally take you HUNTING ACROSS AMERICA.
Hunting Across America is proudly brought to you by Across America Productions

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Across America Productions presents...
a new way to Hunt Across America!

Hunting Across America Tour Bus

The Hunting Across America tour bus will be seen by millions as we hunt from coast to coast as well as appearances at the Shot Show, consumer shows, and grand openings. If you see us in your town... call us, pull us over, or wave as you go by!

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